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About YUNG WEST : Born in los angeles california in march of 1986 it all started then. From witnessing first hand alot of situations a kid shouldnt as a child, evntually it left him no choice but to start "banging" which resulted in losing all his close friends! He began rapping at 16, frequently freestyling which eventually led to writing. Then tragedy struck with the murder of his sister in 2005, leaving him in a difficult state of mind causing even more of a direct focus towards music. Soon after that he started ALMIGHTY ALRIDAZ ENTERTAINMENT MUZIK GROUP and then fell under the label SO WESTBRED INC. Since then he's worked with artists such as Westbred Diamond, Chedda kid and many more. His position in SO WESTBRED is to be the yung leader of the youth of 2012. Showing positive movement is the only way for the westcoast to expand and generate a bigger buzz. His latest mixtape dropped is called "KCALIFORNIYA MUZIK". The concept deriving off his style and name. Stay tuned for more new music from yungwest, tha face of kcaliforniya!

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