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About YOUNG NEPHEW : BOOM!!! A star is born. Aaron “Young Nephew” Amos was put on this earth to perform, inspire, and make all those coming up behind him…DREAM! The City of Inglewood is home to one of America’s Best Entertainers, Young Nephew. At the young age of 12 Young Nephew had a burning passion to deliver a message through rhyming. He has spent his life observing his surroundings, valuing time with his family, and incorporating his experiences into his rhymes. Young Nephew has the gift of storytelling and an uncanny knack for comedy. His fun loving attitude towards life is combined with his exposure to some painful experiences. Young Nephew has chosen to share his life experiences through his music. For the past 7 years, Young Nephew has been committed to his passion. He has recorded over 100 songs. He writes, produces, and engineers almost all of his music. Young Nephew has a career that will be unmatched. His motivation comes from within, but is truly inspired by his daughter, family, and a pure desire to win!

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